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Digital EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge and Sensor Kit

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The Racing Max Speed Digital EGT gauge is a great addition to any vehicle allowing you to monitor your exhaust gas temperature and set a custom warning level. Included is the sensor/probe and a digital display - everything you need to set up your EGT.

The kit is easy to install as the sensor mounts in your engine bay and simply has a cable that runs to the gauge.
The gauge is easy to install with only two power wires needing to be hooked up along with the sensor being mounted.

It is important to monitor your exhaust gas temperatures especially in a diesel vehicle when towing as these give vital information to the heat generated by the engine and the current stress put on it.
Universal fits most DC 12V Motorbike Car / Boat / ATV / UTV / for Camper / Caravans / Travel Trailer etc.
3-digits Display, LED digital tube, lamp display is Red.
Application: Universal for all Cars, motorcycles and other universal models. Ideal for Diesel 4WD vehicles such as Nissan Patrol, Safari, Toyota Hilux, Land Cruiser, Prado, Mitsubishi Pajero, Jeep, Land Rover, etc.

Type: Exhaust Temp Gauge
Voltage: DC 12V
Units: C (Celsius)
Range: 0 to 1000
Sensor mounting thread: NPT 1/8"
Connector are IP65 rated
Color: Black
Material: Plastic + Metal
Size: 4.8x3.2x1.2cm
Wire Length: 90cm, 120cm

Connection instructions:
Red wire: positive pole
Black wire: negative pole

Package Included:
1 x DC 12V LED Exhaust Temp Gauge
1 x Sensor

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